Half day Whale & Dolphin watching in the national park, (snorkeling)

  • National Park Marino Ballena
  • Whale Watching (humpback whales)
  • Uvita Tours

The tour is a marine tour mainly spending most of the tour on the boat, Our carefully chosen captains know exactly where the Whales & dolphins are. The tour varies no one tour is the same because the route changes due to tied and current changes. This tour is recommended because the time spent out in the ocean during the whale season is just perfect, during whale season these beautiful and very interesting creatures can be observed with in ranges of 5 meters- 500 meters.

Horseback Tours to the Nauyaca Waterfall

  • National Reserve

The tour starts at the traditional Costa Rican family home in the mountains there you will enjoy a traditional breakfast. From the house after a delicious meal you will head over to the waterfall where diving and swimming are possible. In the area of Dominical- Uvita- Ojochal this waterfall is the best spot to dive from the cascade, half way down of course. Back at the family house you will eat a traditionally prepared lunch.

Horseback tours to the waterfall Rancho la Merced

  • Uvita Tours
  • National Reserve

The easy to ride horses are the best advantage of taking this tour, easily handle the primary and secondary forest before the fresh waterfall. The waterfall is in a private area accessible only by the tour company and a limited number of 10 people are allowed access at one time. The unique swimming hole is ideal for families due to its sallow waters and calm waters. Number one is also the possibilities of seeing monkeys are very good since the forest is lined with trees where monkeys like being.

Kayak Tours to Terraba Sierpe mangroves

  • Terraba- Sierpe Mangrove Swamp
  • Sierpe Tours

Take the trip a little ways south of Uvita to the Terraba- Sierpe mangrove swamp where one of Costa Rica’s most valuable treasure in biodiversity is found. The mangrove serves as a nursery for fish and it is very common thing to see a crocodile swim along side of you. Not to worry the distances is always kept with all animals to preserve their environment.

Rafting Coto Brus River

Class III and IV. The Coto Brus River is known for its beautiful scenery, the greenness that surrounds it and the diversity of wildlife that you can find on it. Since other boaters are rarely found there, it is a virgin river for rafting. It is simply an unforgettable adventure. Along the river we will make a stop where you will have lunch and have a chance to rest so you can be ready for more action.

Rafting Guabo River – great for beginners

Class II and III. The descent starts on the valley San Juan de Dios and it end in dominical beach. This river offers a half-day adventure. The Guabo River has a lot to offer, such as exuberant vegetation, mystical canyons and an exciting descent. During the run of 8 miles (13 km) you will have the chance to hike waterfalls, enjoy its richness in wildlife and unique scenery. You will have the opportunity to feel the rush and adrenaline that white water rivers offer. Along the river we will make a stop where you will have lunch and a chance to enjoy the beauty of the canyon.

Rafting Savegre River

Class II and III. The Savegre River is one of the most pristine rivers in Costa Rica. It is the perfect river for families and young kids. During the descent you will have the chance to enjoy the canyons, waterfalls, and tropical scenery. Along the river we will stop to enjoy the waterfalls and have lunch.

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